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Special forces defy orders and leave the airport to save Afghan allies.

spartan max2

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26 minutes ago, Manwon Lender said:

I didn't profit off the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan

Why were you there than if there was no profit?

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Posted (edited)
9 minutes ago, acidhead said:

Why were you there than if there was no profit?

If you can't read my original comments don't respond, either your literate or your having some serious issues, are you all right!:unsure:

Here is what was said, again!

I didn't profit off the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, although I was still on active and involved in the invasion in 2002, when I returned I retired from the Army in 2003. Later as a contractor I was paid to perform missions serving in the Middle East. I served as a contractor in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and I don't blame anyone for staying behind if they choose to. However, I do fear for their safety, but since more than half of the Green Card Holders, and American Citizens are naturalized Afghans I do understand why some are making these choices.

They are concerned for their family members being left under Taliban Rule again, and who can blame anyone for that, as a matter of fact if they do stay in the face of the danger that exists they are actually very honourable and brave people. Now, I doubt your able to understand that because you obviously don't have that same bond with family, and that's very sad!:(

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