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Trump loyalists team up with anti-vax doctors for ‘health and freedom’ tour

Manwon Lender

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The event in question is known as the The conservative “ReAwaken America” tour. Top loyalists to Donald Trump, who frequently push lies about election fraud, have joined forces with conservative doctors touting unproven Covid cures and vaccine skepticism, and like-minded evangelical ministers at a series of events across the US this summer. It underscores how Trump’s allies, anti-vaccine doctors and conservative preachers are amplifying baseless claims that are hurting the nation’s public health and its democracy with potentially far-reaching impacts, say pandemic and election experts.

The ReAwaken events have featured talks by vaccine skeptics such as Simone Gold, who was charged for taking part in the Capitol riot and leads America’s Frontline Doctors, a rightist group that garnered attention for touting dubious Covid-19 cures such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.


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What is with all the ANTi-vax crap.  I personally am sick and tired of being called names by the Left.  Manwon, you say you aren't Left...but you keep posting leftist crap talking points.  I am NOT against the vaccine.  Take it if you want to...Don't take it if you don't...I don't freaking care what people do.

That being said:

Why is such a brewhaha being made over Texas Abortion Laws?   Isn't it all about a Woman's Right Choose what she wants to do with her own body?

But...if that same woman doesn't want to get a vaccine...oh...she is an Anti-Vaxxer.   What happened to a woman's right to choose?  To choose whether or not she wants to get a shot?  And if the same woman walks into an abortion clinic and is derided by Right to Life folk...and called names...what is the difference between them and  you people who deride others who don't want to wear a mask or get a shot? A bit hypocritical don't ya think?

She is going in there to take a life...and your arguments are all about me not caring if I give someone Covid...because...it might kill someone.

You people need to screw you heads on a bit tighter because your brains are starting to leak out all over the place.

They don't call it Trump Derangement Syndrome for nothing!   (by the way that phrase was coined by Mark Davis a Dallas Radio Personality)

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

@Manwon Lender - it might be worth prioritising quality over quantity with regard to starting news threads - especially on topics like this.

I can't see how this one is going to produce any sort of constructive discussion.


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