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How much are California stimulus checks helping Gavin Newsom in the recall election?


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If you are unable to work your $40k - $60k job due to restrictions set into place by the governor of your state then how much are you going to appreciate a measly $600 tossed your way.  In CA that won't pay for your storage unit for a month.  It won't matter much if they replace him though because they will still have the same idiots in their state senate.

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1 hour ago, WVK said:

Over 600,000 Californians have received their second state stimulus payments of $600, and an obvious question emerges: How much are the Golden State Stimulus payments helping Governor Gavin Newsom in the gubernatorial recall election? 

Considering it is California where 600.00 would not put a dent in a months rent I would say no.   

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It doesn't impact my decision one bit.  He was duly elected and should finish his term.

Adding an extra election in the middle of the term is a ridiculous grasp by the desperate.


One thing the GOP and Beach Boys have in common... all their fans are dying.  And they know it.

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