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Texas death row inmate gets execution delay over pastor’s touch request

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

 A Texas death row inmate won a reprieve Wednesday evening from execution for killing a convenience store worker during a 2004 robbery that garnered $1.25 after claiming the state was violating his religious freedom by not letting his pastor lay hands on him at the time of his lethal injection.

The U.S. Supreme Court blocked John Henry Ramirez’s execution about three hours after he could have been executed. He is condemned for fatally stabbing 46-year-old Pablo Castro, who worked at a Corpus Christi convenience store.

In its brief order, the court directed its clerk to establish a briefing schedule so Ramirez's case could be argued in October or November.

Seth Kretzer, Ramirez’s lawyer, had argued the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was violating the death row inmate’s First Amendment rights to practice his religion by denying his request to have his pastor touch him and vocalize prayers when he was executed. He called the ban on vocal prayer a spiritual “gag order.”


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You kill someone for a buck two five and then find religion? I'm shocked........no I'm not......

It's amazing how many people found religion in the prison I was in then I read about them doing the same **** when they we free........no it isn't......


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We should refrain? 

John, did you refrain from stabbing Pablo Castro until his pastor could come and lay hands?


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In which religion is it a requirement to have your pastor lay hands on you as you're executed?  Sounds like bull.

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Well, I still have in-laws in Texas who handle snakes and speak in tongues. and when I was a kid my grandma took me to a lot of tent revivals.  I saw a lot of laying on of hands back in the day.  Its not mainstream but  might exist.  Course some of us want to shoot muslims and bury them in pigskins so they don't get to their paradise. Maybe killers should expect the same.

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