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Still Waters

Something in the eyes reveals if you're looking at a person who doesn't exist

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Still Waters

We live in fake times. Reality is as prevalent as it ever was, of course, but it's becoming harder to find all the time.

Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon more unsettling than in the weird world of 'deepfakes' and other computer-generated faces of people who don't actually exist (yet look uncannily like the real thing).

Scientists have now developed a technique that could help us detect whether the faces we're looking at are indeed genuine people, as opposed to phantasms conjured by artificial intelligence (AI).

According to a new preprint study led by first author and computer scientist Hui Guo from the State University of New York, the secret is in the eyes – specifically the shapes of the pupil, it turns out.



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this is getting weird 

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So... Are we saying the random face generator needs a little work on shaping the pupils correctly to pass as the real deal.... Or? It's not that interesting really. It draws the pupils like goat eyes. As well as they have perfected the image generation to look like real people it doesn't seem like it should be so hard to teach it to make the pupils round.

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