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Still Waters

People's heartbeats synchronize when they're captivated by the same story

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Still Waters

Having evolved with storytelling as a means to pass information across generations, our brains are powerfully attuned to narratives, so much so that we can recall well-told stories better than basic facts.

Stories play a powerful role in shaping the world we've created for ourselves, and it turns out they may even be able to dictate the rhythm of our own heartbeats.

A preliminary study looking at what happens in our bodies as we pay attention to these tales has found our hearts start beating in unison – even if we're miles away from each other.



Conscious processing of narrative stimuli synchronizes heart rate between individuals


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Better when with music... 

"hypnotic beat"


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Well, when I listened "Hansel and Gretel" by Brothers Grimm for the first time, as a kid, my heart wanted to jump out of fear. 

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