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Woman reveals the secrets of McKamey Manor haunted house

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A TikToker has shed light on what goes on in one of the most extreme haunted house attractions in the world.

McKamey Manor is a survival horror-style attraction in Summertown, Tennessee which has stoked a great deal of controversy over the years, with multiple petitions calling for it to be closed down altogether.

Unlike other haunted house attractions, which usually rely on spooky visuals and creepy effects, those who visit McKamey Manor are subjected to actual torture, with ‘scares’ including waterboarding, forced-feeding, hair shaving and even teeth pulling.

UniLad UK

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If you are dumb enough to sign a 40 page waiver giving up all rights and are willing to go through 8 hours of actual torture for a chance at $20,000 - more power to you I guess. You might break even after paying that $20,000 in hospital bills.

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