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Raptor Witness

Dream of an Alien Invasion

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Raptor Witness

My wife, who rarely has paranormal dreams, recently had an unusual dream(for her,) suggesting that there could be an alien invasion of the earth. She saw an invasion, not of ships, but of alien beings or bodies. The sky was full of them, she said, and they were similar in size to human beings.

The other interesting thing she saw, which was unexpected, was that there were no automobiles on the roadways.

Typically, dreams are evidence of our brain trying to process the daily input of stimulus, and the associated emotions, worries, etc, attached to this input. However, I've learned to pay special attention to dreams which have unexpected elements. In this case "no ships in the sky," and "no automobiles on the roadways."  Why no vehicles on earth, or in the sky? 

I'd like to blame this dream on a recent viewing of the film Starship Troopers, but it's been awhile since she saw that movie. My wife is also not into UFO's, so this is unexpected.

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