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Why Does Communist China Have One of the Lowest COVID Rates?


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On 9/20/2021 at 12:34 AM, lightly said:

How about this?....China and India are both HUGE land masses with huge populations   spread out all over them  .. I suspect that the majority of covid cases are clustered  in the major cities?...where a lesser percentage of the total populations live?

The populations aren't spread out all over the country.

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3 hours ago, simplybill said:

toast - That’s an interesting chart. I was surprised to see so many South Pacific island nations at the top of the list, though I guess it makes sense. Samoans and Tongans are naturally (and culturally) large-framed people to begin with, so the addition of fried foods to their diet would be a double whammy. 

Somewhat related side note:

The health club I belonged to in Salt Lake City had a lot of competitive bodybuilders. There was one big Tongan guy that placed 13th in the Mr. America contest and was interviewed by the local media. He said that a part of his high-protein diet was eating two whole chickens every day. I’m sure he burned up the calories during his 8-hour workouts, but I think it’d be difficult to switch back to normal eating when he retired from bodybuilding.

It’d be interesting to see another chart alongside that one showing the Covid hospitalization rates and death rates, if honest statistics could actually be found. Here in the US, there are accusations of inflated numbers due to government financial aid to hospitals, whereas Communist nations are accused of under-reporting their statistics to preserve the Communist Party’s reputation.

I saw an estimate from the American Heart Association that half of adults live with heart disease or a condition.

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6 hours ago, Abramelin said:

There are other contries where they don't do that either, like my country, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the UK, and Iceland.


...waters run deep...



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