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Mars too small to be habitable, study suggests


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Kun Wang is assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences at Washington University and was a senior author of the study.

“Mars’s fate was decided from the beginning,” he said.

“There is likely a threshold on the size requirements of rocky planets to retain enough water to enable habitability and plate tectonics, with mass exceeding that of Mars.”

For the new study, the researchers used stable isotopes of the element potassium to estimate the presence, distribution and abundance of volatile elements on different planetary bodies.


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Guess I should unpack my suitcases.

Interesting article. It got me wondering where water would come from to begin with. Turns out there's a fair amount of water in space made up of hydrogen created in the Big Bang and oxygen released from dying stars. If anyone's interested, the following article discusses the origins of water here on earth:


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And I think Mars lost its atmosphere and water by a socalled 'grazing asteroid'.

The same grazing asteroid that created the Valles Marineris.

The remnants of this grazing asteroid are Phobos and Deimos, the two tiny moons of Mars.



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