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Demi Lovato discusses her new UFO TV series


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Couple of things stand out. 

First is that the article has been changed a lot. The original article makes reference to the THEIR pronoun while this article changes it to HER. 

Secondly, what on earth is she smoking these days when she makes the following statement. 


Honestly, what people don't realize is when we send out nuclear waste into our atmosphere, it doesn't just stay there. It goes out into the universe. Nuclear waste goes out into other possible civilizations. So I think that we have to be careful of what we're doing on this planet, and I think that they're just looking out for us.


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It's a series featuring her as opposed to her series isn't it? 

Heard about this silly girl a while back. 



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11 hours ago, Writersblock223 said:

This person most likely is an extraterrestrial/human hybrid. 

naw, lol,  she just a lousy actor, but i can see why you'd think that. 

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