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North Korea says it fired new 'hypersonic missile'


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North Korea has claimed that it successfully tested a new hypersonic missile called Hwasong-8 on Tuesday.

State media said the new missile was one of the "five most important" new weapons systems laid out in its five-year military development plan.

They called the missile a "strategic weapon", which usually means it has nuclear capabilities.

Tuesday's launch is another indication of Pyongyang's growing weapons technology amid strict sanctions.


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I don't believe that Kim has the home-grown science base to create such weapons.  Uncle Xi, however, does.  It's a really dangerous game the world is playing right now and having at BEST, a man in the Oval Office who is seen as weak and unable to mentally handle the stresses of the job just makes the world even more dangerous.  Miscalculation where nukes are concerned is a VERY BAD outcome.

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Oh, I'm sure they fired it, alright.

Fired it into the sky, it traveled for a few seconds, and then tumbled into the ocean.

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