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Children live online more than ever

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

The pandemic has fundamentally altered every part of our lives, not least the time we spend on digital devices. For young people in particular, the blurred line between recreational and educational screen time presents new challenges we are only beginning to appreciate.

Even before COVID, there were concerns about screen time for children. A 2019–20 survey found four in five children were exceeding the current Ministry of Health recommendation of two hours' recreational screen time a day. This was on top of screen time linked to learning.

With lockdowns and social restrictions now a new normal, it is increasingly difficult to disengage from screens. Children are growing up in a digital society, surrounded by a multitude of devices used for everything from social connection to learning and entertainment.


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"We need to focus on integrating technology that makes a difference and enhances learning. Students learn best when they are actively engaged and create and drive their own learning."

We ALL learn best when engaged in such a process.  Even with positive changes like these, students/youth still need some kind of structured down time where they *gasp* physically interact with other human beings.  They also need regular periods of physical activity that raises the heart rate and develops stamina in the lungs.  I know I've become a crotchety old coot but IMO, the absolute worst change to the lives of children came in the form of entertainment and "diversity" of association through social media.  It hasn't improved any of our lives and it has caused much that is negative in our nations.  

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