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Mind control: The science of brain implants

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news icon rMatthew Nagle is beating me at Pong. "O, baby," he mutters. The creases in his forehead deepen as he moves the onscreen paddle to block the ball. "C'mon - here you go," he says, sending a wicked angle shot ricocheting down the screen and past my defense.

"Yes!" he says in triumph, his voice hoarse from the ventilator that helps him breathe. "Let's go again, dude.

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I just had an idea, how about creating a helmet with room temperature superconducters that detect magnetic patterns in our mind? when a neruon fires an electron is moved, this motion produces a magnetic field which in turn can stimulate a current in a superconductor... obviously this technology isnt valid because room temperature superconductors are still almost a thing of science fiction...but I did hear something about orbitally rearranged molecules with cooper paired electrons can produce such an affect...mabye its worth experimentation.

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