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'Ghost' moves chair in 'haunted' nightclub


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On 10/13/2021 at 7:57 AM, psyche101 said:

Well if you were a ghost that's what you would do first hey.

Move a chair.

What more fun could a ghost have. I'm a bit jealous myself. Wish if thought of it first. Imma gonna do it anyway..

Listen up man!  Ghosts are in big trouble!  They are lost...don't you know?  They are like captured in a crazy quantum void thing...there bodies are dead but the mind is still trying to disconnect and they are conscious of the loop but have no clue to escape it.   So they move chairs and throw gloves and things trying to get someone's attention.  They have no idea we are laughing at the paranormal reality of their suffering.  Have a heart man...Ghosts Matter!  And as far as not picking up the stools...the rattan chair is easier to hoist if you are a ghost...more things to wrap your airy little tentacles around.  I'm just not thinking you are a believer psyche...paranormal science has confirmed that ghosts are real.  You are making fun of ghosts and that's not cool because ghosts have feelings too!  Why do you think they go Boooooo all the time? Cause they're sad dude!

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This ghost stuff is always a big fat nothingburger.

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