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Child puts bicycle lock around mother’s neck, forgets lock combination

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

On October 7th, a young mother walked into a police station in Huai’an, China’s Jiangsu Province, with a bizarre “choker” around her neck – a grey and yellow bicycle locking device similar to a U-lock. She told the staff there that her son was playing with the lock next to her as she was cleaning the bathroom when he suddenly put it around her neck and locked it. She thought it funny at first, as it was her lock and she knew the unlock code, but it turned out that the boy had somehow changed it and now neither of them knew the combination to unlock it.


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I can't believe this was newsworthy.   I don't buy her story either.  She was cleaning the bathroom and he suddenly put it around her neck?   I don't think so.  Maybe if she was sitting on the couch, but even then it would be very hard for a 4 year old to get a lock like that around a persons neck.   

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