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Dolphins develop own ‘Welsh accent’

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Dolphins swimming off the coast of Wales have been captured using a different accent to pods living in other parts of the world.

Pods of dolphins living off Cardigan Bay were recorded using their own unique dialect, with their whistles found to be at a higher frequency.

Experts on the BBC nature series Wonders of the Celtic Deep studied pods of 240 dolphins as part of the programme.

“Bottlenose dolphins are highly sociable, the group are in constant communication,” the show’s narrator, Dame Sian Phillips, said.

UK Independent article at MSN

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so wait, when dolphins can talk, they decide to speak in a Welsh accent? of all the accents... 


... will they be able to cook rarebit? 

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Still Waters

 "perhaps it's too soon" to call it a "Welsh accent", but there were certainly differences to any dolphin whistles recorded elsewhere.

You can hear them in this 01:26 video:


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