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Nearly 2,000 unknown chemicals found in vape liquids and e-cig aerosols

Still Waters

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A first-of-its-kind study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University has found traces of hundreds of unknown chemicals in electronic cigarette vaping liquid and aerosols. The study details a huge array of unidentified chemicals, plus a handful of known and potentially harmful compounds.

"Existing research that compared e-cigarettes with normal cigarettes found that cigarette contaminants are much lower in e-cigarettes,” explains senior author on the study, Carsten Prasse. “The problem is that e-cigarette aerosols contain other completely uncharacterized chemicals that might have health risks that we don't yet know about. More and more young people are using these e-cigarettes and they need to know what they're being exposed to."

The research is the first to conduct a thorough non-targeted analysis of all potential compounds present in vape liquids and aerosols using liquid chromatography/high-resolution mass spectrometry. Four popular tobacco-flavored vape liquids were tested, alongside testing of aerosols generated by four common electronic cigarette devices (one tank, one disposable, and two pods).



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When E-Cigs first came about...I remember hearing claims of them being a safe alternative. !     I tried one puff ,once, at a mall display promoting them.   It made me COUGH !

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Of course nothing is mentioned about the levels of these chemicals. Could be more fear mongering just like how they love to preach about how they contain metals - what they don't bother to tell you is the levels of those metals are so small that they don't pose a threat. 

As an ex-smoker who moved to flavorless vaping exclusively, I can say without a doubt my health and lungs have improved exponentially. If there is a danger with vaping it's all about the flavorings they use - that's why I skip them entirely.

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