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'Sensational' skeleton buried in Vesuvius eruption found at Herculaneum

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

The partially mutilated remains of a man buried by the AD79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius at Herculaneum, the ancient Roman town close to Pompeii, have been discovered in what Italy’s culture minister described as a “sensational” find.

Archaeologists said the man, believed to have been aged between 40 and 45, was killed just steps away from the sea as he tried to flee the eruption.

His skeleton was found on what would have been the ancient town’s beach with the head pointing back in the direction of the sea, and surrounded by carbonised wood, including a roof beam, that might have crushed his skull, the Italian news agency, Ansa, reported.



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Posted (IP: Staff) ·
4 minutes ago, Eldorado said:



I saw that and wondered if it was the same skeleton, but it isn't.

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So this time there's no winner

'A winner', you might ask?

Yes. A popular thing around here is betting on either Still Waters, Eldorado or Manwon to post some article first.


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