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Abandoned dogs fed by drones

The Silver Shroud

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Abandoned dogs trapped on a tiny island of land cut off by lava from the La Palma volcano are being kept alive with food parcels delivered by drones.

Footage shows several emaciated dogs lying curled up in and around a walled, ash-covered yard cut off by volcanic lava in the mountainous area of Todoque.

They can be seen lifting their heads to look at a drone flying overhead before ambling over to the food packages dropped from the sky which they pry open with their teeth and paws to take on much-need nutrition.

Abandoned dogs trapped by lava from La Palma volcano are being kept alive with food parcels | Daily Mail Online

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A crew from the industrial drone operator Aerocameras arrived on the island on Monday after receiving the green light from local authorities to carry out the rescue operation. Under Spanish law, drones are normally not allowed to transport people or animals.

The company’s CEO, Jaime Pereira, said the plan was to send a 50kg (110lb) drone equipped with a wide net to trap the dogs one by one and fly them to safety. “We don’t have experience transporting a live animal by drone. Nor does anyone,” he told private television Telecinco.

The success of the mission will depend largely on how the dogs respond to the drone, he added. “The dog could react by running away, moving, jumping,” Pereira said.

“There are those who say the dogs could fracture a bone, have a heart attack. Of course there are all sorts of risks, but either we get them out or probably in a few days or weeks they will no longer exist.”

Drone rescue plan for dogs trapped by La Palma volcano | Spain | The Guardian

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