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People love the billionaire, but hate the billionaires’ club


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Americans may respect and admire how individual billionaires – think Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates – made their billions, even as they rage against the “top 1%” as a group, new research finds.

In eight related studies, people tended to have fewer problems with hearing about the extreme wealth of a particular wealthy person, even as they thought it was unfair that billionaires in general controlled so much riches.

“When there’s this group of people at the top, we think that’s unfair and wonder how luck or the economic system may have played a role in how they made all the money,” said Jesse Walker, co-author of the study and assistant professor of marketing at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.


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interesting, I personally haven't heard much about those two in a while. the only ones you really hear about are Jeff Bezos and the penis rocket or Elon Musk. I personally think Bezos is a douchebag even though I love Amazon, the only billionaire that ever piqued my interest was Elon Musk. to me, that guy's intelligence is unfathomable. I don't even know how a person can be that smart AND efficient and I may be wrong, but I think he may have people's best interests at heart, which is hard to say about most billionaires. my interest in him has nothing to do with his wealth. his wealth, which he refers to as 'Elon money', allows him the freedom to do what he's done without being tied down if he, for instance, was reliant on government contracts, etc. that's why this guy is sending civilians into space and revolutionizing several different industries while our government is too worried about Russia and China to get anything done 

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I am great with people making money,  I love it when hard work, luck, intelligence, and determination are rewarded.   I would just like them to pay taxes.  What I dislike them doing is buying government officials and congresspeople to stack the deck in their favor.

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