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Towel left inside woman after C-section


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A former army spouse has been offered $50,000 (£36,000) by the US Air Force to settle her claim of medical malpractice at the Yokota Air Base in western Japan in 2013.

Angie Perry said that she discovered in 2018 that her chronic abdomen pain was due to a laparotomy towel that had been left inside her abdomen during her Caesarean section at Yokota in 2013, reported Stars and Stripes.

Ms Perry who now lives in Vancouver, Washington, said her surgery at the army base in Japan was “frantic” and “chaotic”.

Full story at MSN

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when my  wife was giving birth to our 3rd, i was there with her, like other 2 times, but this time the doc was a joker, so i decided to be one too, i told him at the end with all seriousness, there was 17 sharps before the delivery, we only account for 16 now, we are missing 1 needle,  at first doc's face changed, than he noticed i could not keep from smiling, and laughed too, but for a minute or so he was really scared lol,  

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Can't help to think of Towelie now :yes: 


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