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The 'most haunted pub in Scotland' where 16th-century tyrant tortured 'witches'

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It seems that the location of the Labyrinth could be the reason why there have been so many spooky sightings in the pub, with part of it built into the famous Edinburgh Vaults.

Thieves, murderers and other wicked types were said to frequent these gloomy underground streets centuries ago, and it’s thought that the restless spirits of those who met their untimely end in the vaults could still haunt the area today. 

One workman had a terrifying experience with the famed banshee when the pub was being renovated. The story goes that the man saw a woman sobbing, who lifted her head to reveal a pale face with empty eye sockets.

She gave a blood-curdling scream - and just minutes later, the man answered a phone call from someone telling him that a member of his family had passed away. The spine-tingling story led to the owners renaming the pub after the wailing banshee.


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