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Mad Manfred

You gotta see this to believe it...

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I might be wrong and probably I am, but don't the lionesse's do most of the hunting for the pride?  unsure.gif


I think you're right.

I think this is pretty cool. I hope the antelope survives and doesn't end up as food.

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Metalix Knightmare

Cannibal Antilopes. Coming soon, to a theater near you.

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Hi all

This is a lovely story, and a sad one. I believe theirs a very powerful message going on there. Its yet another example of nature giving human kind a message, that I am sure so many people will over look, I see hidden wisdom here. I do not know if you can spot the message here, but I can.

Nature has so much to offer us, and we can learn so much good from it, nature can make better examples of how life can be, and that anything is possible. If a Lion can act like this and go against its instincts, then why cant we all?

all the best


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