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Can lucid dreaming help us understand consciousness?


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Michelle Carr is frequently plagued by tidal waves in her dreams. What should be a terrifying nightmare, however, can quickly turn into a whimsical adventure – thanks to her ability to control her dreams. She can transform herself into a dolphin and swim into the water. Once, she transformed the wave itself, turning it into a giant snail with a huge shell. “It came right up to me – it was a really beautiful moment.”

There’s a thriving online community of people who are now trying to learn how to lucid dream. (A single subreddit devoted to the phenomenon has more than 400,000 members.) Many are simply looking for entertainment. “It’s just so exciting and unbelievable to be in a lucid dream and to witness your mind creating this completely vivid simulation,” says Carr, who is a sleep researcher at the University of Rochester in New York state. Others hope that exercising skills in their dreams will increase their real-life abilities. “A lot of elite athletes use lucid dreams to practise their sport.”


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I've always dreamed lucidly and in color, which I've been told both are uncommon. it actually surprised me to learn that it's atypical, but it's been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I never have nightmares; suffered night terrors as a kid, however, when I hadn't yet learned to control what was going on

the 'entities' come in various forms and I can practically expect to see at least some of them in most dreams. we have a much different relationship now, it was terrifying as a kid, but over the years, they've become empathetic and helpful, although I still don't LIKE seeing some of them. the most common I see are insectoid/ tall mantis grays (terrifying), the machine elves or gnomes and anthropomorphic animals, usually a squirrel, owl or a deer. incidentally, these are the exact same things that those who have used DMT or other psychotropics typically see when they decide to go on a spiritual journey.

I've never been able to answer this, perhaps some of us produce more of certain brain  chemicals than others? the gnomes or elves usually show up when I need an answer to something; the grays on more 'serious' occasions, which can often be incredibly emotional as they sometimes involve them wanting to show me my father, usually as a version of AI. I always beg them to stop, where they then rescind the facade and almost seem puzzled by my reaction

I don't know what to make all of it. honestly, I just enjoy it for what it is. I don't make any claims as to how real any of this is or has ever been. I consider myself very lucky to be taking part in a very unique human experience, however it's happening. fwiw, my sister has had almost identical night terrors as a kid, then more sentient dreams of these entities as she grew older. we hadn't shared or known this about one another until a few years ago... 

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To answer the OP 


Indeed I am not sure that you can hve controlled lucid dreaming without understanding your subconscious mind, and being able to integrate your conscious and subconscious parts 

It works both ways

Understand the symbolic language of the subconscious/dreams, and you  can construct any dream you wish.

But also you can accurately interpret every scene in a dream, and see why and how your mind has constructed it  from elements of your conscious mind and your subconscious.

A good example from  about  the age of 12 or so.  

For many months I had been having a recurring dream where i walked down a narrow, windy path, so surrounded by bushes and trees that you  couldn't get off It' Every night I would come to a fork in the path. In the fork in the path was a tree with a fork in it's trunk. In the fork sat a wolf which would jump down and try to kill me I knew I was dreaming  so I wasn't scared but i began to get annoyed.This ws just before i perfected the abilty to construct and shape any dream I wanted and be totally conscious while in it.  

One night I constructed an automatic shot gun, walked down the path the other way, came up behind the wolf, said  something like "goodbye mr wolf" and blew it out of the tree

I began to examine the elements  of the story 

I was just approaching high school and was a bit worried about that 

I worked out that 

The narrow path came from a feeling of being trapped along a path with only one direction and no way off of it That was what being a young person was like 

The forks represented  choices I would have to make at high school  and an increasing abilty, as an older  child, to make my own choices and decisions 

The wolf represented my fears 

I had consciously and subconsciously decided to face those fears and thus blew them away with a construct of my mind  showing that positive constructs of the mind can overcome negative ones 

This also ended any  conscious worries I had about  going to high school, by resolving my anxieties, and understanding that i could face anything which was coming .

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