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New sketch of killer Bible John's 'crooked teeth' shown in fresh BBC documentary

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A new image of the serial killer Bible John shows him for the first time with crooked teeth. An artist’s impression of the smirking man believed to have been responsible for the deaths of three young women in 60s Glasgow was produced by police at the time. Now an up-to-date drawing has been produced by police forensic artist Melissa Dring using eyewitness testimonies – and including the killer’s open-mouthed smile. The previous portrait of a red-haired man was painted by GW Lennox Paterson, of Glasgow School of Art, using the testimony of third victim Helen Puttock’s sister Jean.

New sketch of killer Bible John's 'crooked teeth' shown in fresh BBC documentary - Daily Record

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The identity of the man in the taxi in the infamous Bible John case was "covered up" by top police officers, a new BBC podcast has claimed.

The murder of Helen Puttock in 1969 came after a man shared a cab home with her and quoted religious verse.

Her brutal killing was linked to the murder of two other women in Glasgow.

The podcast claims there was evidence pointing to the man in the taxi being John Irvine McInnes, the cousin of a senior police officer.

There is no evidence that Mr McInnes actually carried out the murder.


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