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What are 'angel numbers' and what do they mean?


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“Angels speak to us in synchronistic ways, which basically means that we will see something over and over again, so much so that it goes beyond mere coincidence,” says celebrity aura reader, psychic medium, and spirit guide Megan Michaela Firester, who goes by Mystic Michaela.

“One of these ways is through numbers.”

Angel numbers work in accordance with the tenets of numerology, which upholds the notion that each number is connected to a certain vibrational energy or frequency that encompasses meaning beyond its sheer numeric value.

Where angel numbers come in, says Michaela, is with the prevalence of how often the number shows up. They serve as a thumbs up, of sorts, to continue along the path you’re currently on.


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Hello Eldorado, I've been seeing angel numbers since 2010 or 2011, especially the numbers 555. That number alone has been very consistent, and it means "massive changes are ahead and be prepared". I've had multiple instances where a major event happened and I've seen 555s everywhere prior to that event. For example, I turn around and look at the clock and see '5:55' or when I was playing a video game I see the number 555 when i damage an enemy. It was everywhere lol. I've been seeing 555 again ever since I moved here to california from alaska...for like 5 or 6 years now I think. And I think - and I hope - it has something to do with meeting my soulmate. 

Have you been seeing any angel numbers lately?? Kind of curious lol.

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Angel numbers are no different from any other number. It means whatever you fantasize about it to mean.

It's pareidolia and nothing more. It is what the human brain does, hallucinating 'meaningful' images or patterns in random things.

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