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Big cat 'size of a Rottweiler' spotted twice in Wales


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Two people claim to have seen a “large, black and muscular” cat in fields near Abergele last weekend. The sighting took place at 7.30pm on Saturday.

Witnesses Naomi and Dan, who have asked for their surnames not to be used, had driven through the Betws-yn-Rhos when they encountered the creature “just after the turning for Hunters Hamlet Caravan Park”.


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It was seen once in Wrexham, then again (soon afterwards) leaving Wales at a rapid pace.



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Maybe 15 to 20 years ago, there was a spate of sightings of a big cat south of Oswestry, an area I used to travel through a lot. One evening, just on dusk,  while driving to a friend's house, I had my own sighting when I saw a large dark cat cross the road and disappear into a field...I pulled up into a field gate way, and grabbed a pair of binos out of the glovebox and managed to spot the animal maybe 75 yards away walking almost directly away from me and I had no doubt it was a large black cat, far bigger than a domestic pet...The passenger side window was open, so I made a squeal in my hand to imitate a dying rabbit as you do to call a fox. The animal stopped in its tracks immediately and looked back over its shoulder and then turned its body a little more and I could distinctly see its head through the binos...it was a dog, some sort of dark coloured lurcher I would guess....Had I not stopped, or if I didn't have the binos handy, I think to this day I would have sworn it was a black cat and I think most sightings are simply mistaken identification...


Edited to add, the owner of Hunters Hamlet, Sue, has a large very friendly black lab that is often seen wondering around the caravan park looking for attention..I have also seen it in one of Sue's paddocks across the road opposite the entrance to the site, so I think he is a likely candidate for mistaken identity...

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See the source image

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