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This Mysterious Computer Could Prove Time Travel Exists


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This popped up on my feed a few days ago.  It’s a good story, worth a watch.

As it stands, it is just a story with no way to research or verify any of the events that took place.

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6 hours ago, Dejarma said:

just watched this youtube vid & Unexplained Mysteries got a mention:


I watched the entire video and I enjoyed it, however I believe it is hoax. There are to many missing facts and to much controversy of over the written text not being correct for the time period ( 1650s ). Then you have this futuristic individual communicating with them, now that can be easily hoaxed because there is no reference point to compare any mentioned events to. But, here is the biggest problem for me, while according to some theoretical physicists time travel could be possible using an Einstein Rosen Bridge. However according to the theory time travel using a Wormhole is only possible in one direction and that is into the past, because the future has not occurred as yet so there would not be anything to travel too. 

So I say Hoax!

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1 hour ago, The Silver Shroud said:

This happened in 1984- has the video got anything new (I haven't the time to watch it i'm afraid)?

A Ghostly Visit, or a Computer-Savvy Prankster? You Decide - OZY | A Modern Media Company

According to what I learned watching it, the General location was correct, the individual in the past they were communicating with was verified to have been a real time from the approximate time frame he claimed he was from and he did accomplish what the computer said he did, but research could explain all that information. The problem is the controversy over the way the wording in the language was written some scholar said was not written in the correct formation for the time frame. 

Then you have this individual communicating from what I believe was 2109, and the information in this case could never be verified. I did dnjoy watching it and I would recommend it to anyone, because without watching it you can't form an opinion. I must say though that I believe it is a hoax, I go into more detail in my post below yours if your interested.


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