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Excellent Lou Elizondo interview


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11 minutes ago, Desertrat56 said:

What does "non-physical" mean?   It means it wasn't physical.

Well, duh. I understood what you meant in that sense. That answer is pretty redundant. If you saw an object that means it was somewhere, at sometime made of something.

13 minutes ago, Desertrat56 said:

 It was some kind of unmeasurable phenomena.

Did you attempt to measure it in some way? I'm assuming no, so how did you determine it was in fact not able to be measured? 

15 minutes ago, Desertrat56 said:

but there was no craft, no noise, no physical effect, just light.

Ok, but light is a physical thing. It can definitely be measured in numerous ways.

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9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

Oh good lord is that what you want?

Why the drama?  Someone on another thread referred to this topic and stated they had evidence.

9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

 I nominate my experiences, however, only one of them was I with others who witnessed the same thing.

What has that got to do with someone else's claim that they had evidence proving unexplainable UFO activity?

9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

I don't care if you or anyone else believes my experiences and I have concluded that what I saw was not military nor was it alien craft, but rather something non-physical.

Well, that's great.  But you cared enough to post this, when my post wasn't about you or your experiences.

9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

Why do you insist on beating a dead horse?

I'm not the one that raised the claim.  I simply brought it here to make sure it was on the right thread (it was posted on a Bigfoot thread).

9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

You will never get the "proof" you are asking for and you know it

Why not?  It's dead set easy to prove stuff that really exists, specially now we all have half-decent cameras on us at all times.

9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

it has become troll like for you to continue this.

Trolling?  Well, report me to the mods then, rather than whine about it.  If they agree I'll happily withdraw my request.

9 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

 As someone once said "The UFOS will keep their secrets".   "The Government" doesn't know any more than anyone else.

And that's exactly why this would be easily proven if true. The US govt doesn't control every Tom, Jane and Harriet across the globe, so the proof will arise one day, IF it is happening.  The claim was made that the proof was already here, and it was rather obviously directed towards the video 'evidence' being discussed on this thread, so why on earth would you wish to shut it down?  I want the person claiming evidence to simply nominate it, so we can look at it in detail and see if it really does contain unexplainable events.

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