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James Webb Space Telescope to Launch December 25th - Updated


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3 hours ago, toast said:

I havent read any reports of a damage yet and as Wepp is past the Moon`s orbit already I dont think there will be any hazard by space debris because there isnt any out there.

The plan would be that all of us would totally freak out. Or to call Bruce Willis.

Ok, I was thinking more of meteorites and the like. I'm sure there's a low probability bit didn't know what (if any) plans there might be such a huge endeavor.

Bah, Bruce would just muck it up at this point. I would think the team of Matthew McConaughey and Neil DeGrasse Tyson could get the job done.

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James Webb Space Telescope: Sun shield is fully deployed

The new James Webb telescope has passed a major milestone in its quest to image the first stars to shine in the cosmos.

Controllers on Tuesday completed the deployment of the space observatory's giant kite-shaped sun shield.

Only with this tennis court-sized barrier will Webb have the sensitivity to detect the signals coming from the most distant objects in the Universe.

Commissioning work will now concentrate on unpacking the telescope's mirrors, the largest of which is 6.5m wide.


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