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Today’s Psychic Experience


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I get this sometimes when I'm tired and drowsy. I've had visions of things that I've then seen later. I remember flying to Thailand for a holiday and drifting in and out of sleep. I had a vision of a blue windmill in a lake. Later on that week I went to a park and there in the lake was a blue windmill. Freaked me out. 

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On 11/30/2021 at 12:56 AM, Rascal01 said:

 I wrote this not to prove a point or sway skeptics.  I just wanted to pass on how this works

But its not "how it works" as far as alleged psychic ability goes because all you did was make things fit after the fact assuming you arent just making up stuff as you go.

Yeah, im a cynical skeptic and why not be after close to 50 years of saying prove your claims the #1 reply is "it doesnt work that way" and my snide rejoinder is because it doesnt work at all.

Then the go to of belitting and insulting me because i refuse to blindly believe stories.

I admit i am a gear head and yeah 140 is a super common top out,

Thing is as i read thru this thread i see you are only going to accept you have a special gift and thats fine better yet you say you arent trying to sway skeptics which you wont but i will suggest you read up on why some folks feel the need to be credulous in fantasies like having special powers that can not be proven, its intriguing stuff.


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