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Bizarre Time Slip: From Present-Day Rural Virginia...to 1920s California


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Did a pair of young Virginia men travel into an earlier period and location, apart from a typical scenario for the time? Very interesting account that asks several questions, with few answers.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This was an event that took place several years ago. I'm writing this story down on behalf of my fiancé. He has told me this story before in bits and pieces, but tonight we got back on the topic and he told me the story in full detail. My fiancé is not the type of person to make anything up, and has no reason to lie. That's why I'm telling this story out of both anxiety and excitement. Everything in quotes I will say as if he were telling it to you, in the order he told it to me:



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Strange that that guy from the 1920s didn't react at all to that the car he went into was from 90 years into the future, and that clothes and expressions when speaking were too. I think I would have reacted if some drunk strangely dressed persons, using strange expressions when speaking, and a car from 2110, tried to pick me up.

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Is this supposed to be a story about some guy who killed himself, and comes back haunting the neighbourhood?


" (...) it seemed like he was in a sort of bad place in life and wanted better for himself and his family.

After telling us that, his mood seemed to change, like he was starting to feel down, and he told us to take him back to the same store"

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