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Do Modern Tales of “Dogmen” Have Their Roots in Antiquity?


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For many decades—centuries, in fact—stories of large, humanlike monsters have been told in North America and other parts of the world. The most well-known among these, arguably, is the American Sasquatch, although similar creatures in various other regions are known by different names.

Although larger, hairier, and generally having a more apelike appearance than humans do, Sasquatch does not strain the boundaries of plausibility like many other purported mystery animals do. Creatures that essentially resemble Sasquatch are known in the fossil record, and many have gone so far as to attribute its identity to Gigantopithecus blacki, the megafaunal ape known to have existed in parts of Asia as recently as the last ice age.

However, reports of other creatures have cropped up over the years as well, which suggests an animal not quite the same as Sasquatch, and not so easily placed within the primate family tree.



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