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The rarest motorcycle in the world


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The Traub is a beautiful handmade machine estimated to be created in 1916.

Found in 1968 “hidden in a bricked-up wall in a Chicago suburb,” the machine was later estimated given the age of the “Schebler carburetor, Bosch magneto, Troxel Jumbo seat and period wheel rims.”

Apart from those, though, the bike is a mystery.  We apparently have no records of a motorcycle brand with such a name anywhere…certainly nothing so carefully tailored to such a specific standard.

Best part, the bloody thing still runs beautifully.



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That old bike reminded me of a very good movie from 20 years or so ago:


True story about a guy from down under whose dream it was to set a speed record on a 1920 Indian Motorcycle.

1920 indian motorcycle obj

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