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Novel implants to protect Australia's wildlife from feral cats

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

New technology developed by the University of South Australia may put an end to predatory cat behaviors in native environments and help control Australia's feral felines.

Using polymer chemistry principles, researchers at UniSA's Applied Chemistry and Translational Biomaterials Group have created novel Population Protecting Implants (PPIs) to provide a targeted method for controlling invasive and problem feral cats.

The rice-sized implants are injected just under the skin of native animals, where they remain inert, only activating when digested by a feral predator. The result is deadly.

UniSA Ph.D. student and 2021 recipient of an Australian Wildlife Society research grant, Kyle Brewer, says the PPIs could save hundreds of native animals that have been decimated by feral cats.


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