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Suffolk, Middlesex prosecutors crack some of the state’s oldest crimes


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

If you think you noticed a lot of cold cases being solved recently, it’s not your imagination.

Renewed efforts by the Middlesex and Suffolk DA’s to solve some of the state’s most stubborn crimes have led to breakthroughs in a half-dozen decades-old cold cases in the past two years.

“What I said I was going to do was clean up my house as the DA,” said Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins of cold case initiative by her office. “I said, ‘We are going to get all hands on deck, we are going to have every employee in my office invested in potentially doing an administrative review of older unsolved homicides.’”

Prosecutors in Suffolk and Middlesex DA’s offices have achieved major breakthroughs in six cold cases in the past two years, with each office marking major progress in 3 cases since launching renewed efforts in 2019.



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