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Weird floating dream


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I was on my bed sleeping and I thought I had woke up. Then I started to slide off the bed as if something was dragging me. I still wasn’t sure if I was awake or not because It looked like my room 100% and even was the same light level after I really woke up. (It always at this light level at night)

Eventually I figured out it was probably a dream as it suddenly got more dark even though by now I was floating in my room and was off the bed. I tried shouting but no sound came out. Whatever was dragging me was invisible or hidden by the new darkness. I could hear some light rustling but I don’t know if that was just my air filter coming into my dream from real life. I couldn’t hear anything else.

The dream got pure black so I just opened my eyes and found out I was still at my bed. All this felt like 10-15 seconds to me.

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As as a medium and other mediums I've told me and I've told a few people it's better keep a book or a place of paper by your bedside and a pen so if you wake up right your dream down straight away no matter l wicked are strange or silly it sounds

It's somebody in the spirit world trying to connect to you and it'll give you answers it is I've had some really strange dreams over the years but when the day I was born even now

I've had some weird Rings over the years some so silly it's funny I'm in this series 1 the best I do

All the dreams I think I'm falling off a cliff and I wake up I'm on the floor or dreams of the sea and water and I wake up stinking of I've say what other what other see it's like you live two lives the lives of the living and the lives of your dreams

I used to think I was a ball and a full kit because I'm not right in the head but going to my specialist church give me answers I am a medium like my mum was she was gifted to but not realise it ok for two was my uncle it was gifted to 28 and the gift 2 but hopefully my great niece will get the help to help her develop a lot better than me

Lately what's my dreams is in the chapel of rest or in a funeral home funny thing is is anyone interfuel HomeCare and Ella School I nearly ran into Funeral Home Care that's cool but I'm certain friends put me off and purposes I couldn't I'm totally on toast two until week it's not normal I'm not liking the head stupid baby it's so creepy I'm 1 now I should have done my way at their view and prove anybody wrong but it's too late now cos my body is b*****ed

But these things these Rings evade and crazy and bizarre ER it's spirit connect mouse in dreams number to L3 I'm burnt as they are silly and bunkers these dreams Mia sound


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