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Hunters face total ban on bringing trophy kills back to UK

The Silver Shroud

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Hunters will finally face a total ban from bringing trophy kills back to Britain, it has been reported.

The Mail on Sunday revealed that ministers will this week announce a ban on the import of trophy kills as figures show over 300 carcasses of endangered species have been shipped to the UK since 2019.

The announcement comes over two years since the Tories pledged to ban imports, which Boris Johnson has called a “disgusting trade”. His father Stanley Johnson has campaigned extensively in favour of the ban.

A source from Whitehall told the Mail on Sunday that this week the next steps will be outlined regarding the ban and they will be “comprehensive, robust and effective, delivering the promised change to help protect thousands of species.”

Hunters face total ban on bringing trophy kills back to UK (msn.com)

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UK plan to ban animal trophies too slow - conservation groups

Conservation groups and campaigners have called on the government to move faster with plans to ban the import of animal hunting trophies.

On Friday, the government published its long-awaited response to a public consultation on the issue and promised a ban.

But it stopped short of naming a date when legislation would be introduced.

"The longer it goes on, the more animals are being shot and brought back to Britain as trophies," Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting founder Eduardo Goncalves told BBC News.

"It's encouraging that the government is setting out its plans - but it's deeply frustrating that we still don't have any timetable".


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