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Humans are doomed to go extinct


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Mammal species tend to come and go rather rapidly, appearing, flourishing and disappearing in a million years or so.

The fossil record indicates that Homo sapiens has been around for 315,000 years or so, but for most of that time, the species was rare—so rare, in fact, that it came close to extinction, perhaps more than once.

Thus were sown the seeds of humanity’s doom: the current population has grown, very rapidly, from something much smaller. The result is that, as a species, H. sapiens is extraordinarily samey.

There is more genetic variation in a few troupes of wild chimpanzees than in the entire human population.

Lack of genetic variation is never good for species survival.


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Well yeah, everything ends eventually. 

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47 minutes ago, Autochthon1990 said:

Well yeah, everything ends eventually. 

Yep!  Even 'American Pie' by Don McLean.

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