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Three mummies with gold tongues discovered


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The archaeological mission of the Institute of Ancient Near East Studies of the UB at the site of Oxyrhynchus (Egypt), led by researchers Maite Mascort and Esther Pons, has made a series of important discoveries. This work campaign, which will end on December 10, has brought to light, among other findings, two tombs from the Saite period (664-525 BC), the last native dynasty that ruled ancient Egypt before the conquest of the Persians.

One of the tombs had been open since ancient times, but inside, reseachers found a female anthropomorphic stone sarcophagus, whose lid was somewhat displaced. Inside, there was a large quantity of tubular and spherical faience beads belonging to the funerary network that covered the deceased, as well as a stone amulet from a headrest of excellent quality.

University of Barcelona

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