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Creepy robotic head is like Ash from the movie 'Alien'


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The "creepiness" of realistic heads has been a problem for video game designers. They have found that if they make their characters look too realistic, they can look like corpses. So they have to strike a balance between realistic facial expressions and a slight cartoon appearance overall.

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One day in a few centuries these things will be passing you on the street. It’s just a matter of time and they will be recycling our garbage and 3D printing each other. Everything that humanity once was will be embedded into the synthetic minds of these creatures. One day artificial intelligence will become self aware and have the same rights that humans have. Uploading our consciousness into one is never going to happen. Duplicating a human mind however will happen. It won’t be you it will be the other you. The one that woke up in a synthetic creation and learns to deal with it. And the real you will be long gone. Unless they figure out one day what really makes us unique when it comes to being self aware. The soul that tiny speck that would need to removed and transferred without it escaping to the next life and bound here trapped inside a different vessel.,And I’m just speculating on it all I have serious doubts about it. Electricity isn’t cheap and unless they can figure out how to generate more and carry less weight and use less these things would need a constant supply of it. I guess it’s a good thing Tesla figured out how to transmit it wirelessly how long ago?

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