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Uri Geller: 'aliens are preparing to make contact with us'


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23 minutes ago, Sir Wearer of Hats said:

While it is very excuse-y, it could also conceivably be true. Have you ever sat in a room full of miserable old sods bring miserable? How long did it take for you to also be miserable? In fact, how long did it take you to notice the mood of the room? 
But it’s a very convenient excuse isn’t it? Radi’s skepticism was stronger than his psi spoon-bendingness.


So geller got performance anxiety is what you're saying. 

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On 12/14/2021 at 5:51 PM, UM-Bot said:

The Israeli spoon bender has claimed that we should be hearing from extraterrestrial visitors before too long.


I think Uri Geller is not able to bend alien tentacles either.

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10 hours ago, ant0n said:

I think Uri Geller is not able to bend alien tentacles either.

We don’t kink shame here ant0n.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I watched this guy in the 70's and was blown away as a 10 year old kid.. clearly now more like fooled as a 10 year old kid.. but why spoons?.. why not butter knives or ice picks.. What an odd thing to to use as your claim to fame... even at 10 I wondered this.. Because its easy.  It gives this illusion that it would be impossible to bend without his so called abilities but due to that one narrow spot with a spoon other wise larger at both ends, makes it appear almost impossible to bend just flat out using both hands, therefore bending a spoon using his finger tips must be a true anomaly.. James tore Uri a new one eventually, and now hes come up for air with this claim? must be outta a money..

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