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The clock ticks, the pendulem swings
The hotline to God is engaged
Backs turned on the truth that stings
The lamb and the lion are enraged

Sins unforgiven for they know what they do
Beware before turning the page
Death enlightens with his point of view
Thunderclouds gather their rage

Hell awaits those who care for no one
The Devil is licking his lips
Letting them finish what they have begun
Drinking his poison with sips

Alarm bells ring to try and remind
Its time to awaken from sleep
You have to dig deep in order to find
The wolf who's disguised as a sheep

A hush is falling all over the land
To honour the dance of death
Heads are buried deep in the sand
Fate is holding its breath

Will sense prevail where madness rules
Or are they becoming entwined
Each are challenged by separate duels
Taking their aim when they're blind

A war cry is screamed as the battle begins
Mortals muse who loves and who hates
The hour approaches deciding who wins
'Til midnight the darkness awaits

A day will come when the mighty fall
Refugees are searching for Heaven
Banging their heads against the wall
Almost time, it's eleven fifty seven



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18 hours ago, OverSword said:

I that sang by Ronnie James Dio.  Would make a great metal song!!

Thanks OS, I think Ronnie is working on a cover of 'Hello'....from the other side.:)

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