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Brutal Viking ‘blood eagle’ ritual execution was anatomically possible – new research

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Famed for their swift longboats and bloody incursions, Vikings have long been associated with brutal, over-the-top violence. Between the eighth and 11th centuries, these groups left their Nordic homelands to make their fortunes by trading and raiding across Europe.

Particularly infamous is the so-called “blood eagle”, a gory ritual these warriors are said to have performed on their most hated enemies. 



An Anatomy of the Blood Eagle: The Practicalities of Viking Torture


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If it was done to a Viking and they cried out or screamed then their beliefs were they didn`t go to the next world.

They had to take the rather brutal act like a man.

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Funny how the article skips over the fact that such a rite is only mentioned three times in extant literature, and two of them are fictional and the third very unclear. 

Almost like the writer was trying to get hits rather than be critical. But it worked.


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