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Exquisitely preserved embryo found inside fossilized dinosaur egg

Still Waters

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A 72- to 66-million-year-old embryo found inside a fossilized dinosaur egg sheds new light on the link between the behavior of modern birds and dinosaurs, according to a new study.

The embryo, dubbed Baby Yingliang, was discovered in the Late Cretaceous rocks of Ganzhou, southern China and belongs to a toothless theropod dinosaur, or oviraptorosaur. Among the most complete dinosaur embryos ever found, the fossil suggests that these dinosaurs developed bird-like postures close to hatching.

Scientists found the posture of Baby Yingliang unique among known dinosaur embryos—its head lies below the body, with the feet on either side and the back curled along the blunt end of the egg. Previously unrecognized in dinosaurs, this posture is similar to that of modern bird embryos.



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11 minutes ago, Twin said:

Nice. When will we get the DNA?

Probably not soon, the Chinese likely cooked it for breakfast. :lol: 

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It's the fossilized skeleton of the embryonic dinosaur, presenting no tissue or DNA to analyze at all, but outstanding in its own right, to be sure.

No fault of UM, but the title and 'picture graphic' by the original author is somewhat misleading.

Edited by pallidin
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