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What goes bump in the night? The answer, according to the ‘Creeping It Real’ podcast, is the city of Sulphur Springs! 

Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County ghost stories were recently featured on a podcast titled “Creeping It Real- Real Ghost Stories with Ruby Anderson.”

The short podcast included retellings of spooky tales from Aguirre Cemetery, Arbala woods, Stout’s Cemetery, and more. 


Podcast is 9:39 long.


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Stayed in a Cabin at Eisenhower State Park Halloween weekend.  First time I'd ever been to Sulphur Springs.  Towns I'd never hear of before surround it.  Like, Birthright, Tx.  I just had a feeling while I was walking around the downtown area that there was a deeper story to this little town than was apparent.  Probably go again Halloween...but I'll keep this podcast in mind.  It's literally in the middle of nowhere.  

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