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Twelve for dinner: The Milky Way’s feeding habits shine a light on dark matter

Manwon Lender

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Astronomers are one step closer to revealing the properties of dark matter enveloping our Milky Way galaxy, thanks to a new map of twelve streams of stars orbiting within our galactic halo. Understanding these star streams is very important for astronomers. As well as revealing the dark matter that holds the stars in their orbits, they also tell us about the formation history of the Milky Way, revealing that the Milky Way has steadily grown over billions of years by shredding and consuming smaller stellar systems.




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3 hours ago, zep73 said:

Thanks @Manwon Lender

Regarding the feud to determine what Dark Matter is, the main action is currently located around the bullet cluster.

Zep my friend your very welcome, I did not know that I will check it out!:tu:

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