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Farmers lament veto of Jeremy Clarkson restaurant

The Silver Shroud

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Fellow farmers, other food producers and local residents, even some who really don’t like Clarkson’s take-no-prisoners style, argued that the case illustrated a disconnect between planners and the needs of modern farmers to find new, imaginative ways of making a living.

“It’s a real shame,” said Pete Ledbury, who farms with his wife, Emma, at the North Cotswolds Dairy just a few miles from Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm. “We know that we have to diversify to make a living and create more jobs for the countryside. Turning down projects like this doesn’t help. I think it’s pretty shortsighted of the planners.”

‘It’s shortsighted’: farmers lament veto of Jeremy Clarkson restaurant | Jeremy Clarkson | The Guardian

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