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Intratumourally injected alum-tethered cytokines elicit potent and safer systemic anticancer immunit

Manwon Lender

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Stimulating the body’s immune system to attack tumors is a promising way to treat cancer. Scientists are working on two complementary strategies to achieve that: taking off the brakes that tumors put on the immune system; and “stepping on the gas,” or delivering molecules that jumpstart immune cells. However, when jumpstarting the immune system, researchers have to be careful not to overstimulate it, which can cause severe and potentially fatal side effects. A team of MITresearchers has now developed a new way to deliver a stimulatory molecule called IL-12 directly to tumors, avoiding the toxic effects that can occur when immunostimulatory drugs are given throughout the body.

In a study of mice, this new treatment eliminated many tumors when delivered along with an FDA-approved drug that takes the brakes off the immune system.  https://scitechdaily.com/enhancing-cancer-immunotherapy-new-method-for-delivering-immune-system-stimulating-drugs

Intratumourally injected alum-tethered cytokines elicit potent and safer local and systemic anticancer immunity Peer Reviewed Journal https://www.nature.com/articles/s41551-021-00831-9

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